Mission Makers

What does it mean to be a Mission Maker?

A Mission Maker is someone who helps make a Mission happen and there are many ways to be a Mission Maker. Just by purchasing a product, telling others about us or praying for us, you are a Mission Maker! Or you can make the decision to help by selling our products to support a Mission that you choose!

Our independent sales team are all Mission Makers. 20% of all product sales go directly to Christian Missions and without our team of dedicated Mission Makers, it wouldn’t be possible. Mission Makers are eligible for 20-30% commissions depending on their level of sales:

Monthly Sales Goals
Less than $500               20% Commission
$500 to $1000                 25% Commission
Greater than $1000       30% Commission

In addition to feeling really good about the product you are selling and receiving a commission, Mission Makers will receive 30% off personal purchases.

How is the product sold?

Product is sold from MissionofMary.com and shipped directly to our clients. There is no need for a Mission Maker to purchase or hold inventory.

How do I become a Mission Maker?

The up front cost is $50 for your starter kit. The starter kit includes: 3 pieces of jewelry, your personal website, marketing materials and a training guide.

Where does the 20% of sales for Christian Missionaries actually go?

Each client will choose which church or organization that they would like to contribute to. We will verify that it’s legitimate and issue checks directly to the organizations each month. If a client chooses not to select a church or organization, we will send the 20% to one of our choosing!

How do Mission Makers get paid?

Mission makers get paid monthly via PayPal based on the previous month’s sales. Commissions will be evaluated monthly. Mission Makers may get 30% commission one month and 25% the next based on their level of sales.

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