On Mission Daily: Showing Grace

I have been listening to a sermon series on Grace and it has amazingly reinforced the feelings that I have about how we can live each day - on mission. In the most recent sermon, Pastor Michael Todd talked about how we can demonstrate God's grace through love and forgiveness. He referenced the story of the adulterous woman that was brought before Jesus, and how Jesus said, "Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone." How powerful is that? And then every person slowly walked away, because the only one without sin was Jesus, and he didn't throw any stones.

As I think about my own life and how I strive to be 'On Mission' every day, one part of that is showing grace through love and forgiveness. There are some people in my life that I have had to turn to prayer repeatedly for help to forgive them. And sometimes when I think that I have forgiven, the resentment returns or the hurt returns or the anger returns, and I have to pray some more. But remembering how much Jesus loves THEM brings me back to a place of peace.

The other awesome part of his message was about how we can show love to people we disagree with without condemning. In a world where Christians are sorted into buckets of "anti - (insert any social term here)" it is easy to fall into a role of condemnation. But that is not what Jesus did in the story. He showed grace and love. It is possible to say to someone, "I love you and I don't agree with you" without passing any judgement.

Living ‘On Mission’ means trying every day to fulfill God’s purpose, His Mission for you. In this story we learn by Jesus’ example how to be on a mission of grace and love.