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Mission Maker Spotlight: Sacred Selections

Adoption has always been in my life and on my heart. My parents adopted my brother 2 years before I was born, so I grew up knowing a lot about it. And Ephesians 1:5 tells us that if we've chosen to follow God and His Son, we've been adopted and God calls us His SON or DAUGHTER.  A few wee
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Mission Maker Spotlight: Are You Going or Are You Sending?

As a child, I would attend church with my family, recite prayers at night, volunteer with local organizations, and overall, try to be a "good person." I grew up in a traditional American, Christian household where God was at the center, but I didn’t know what a personal relationship with God mea
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On Mission Daily: Showing Grace

I have been listening to a sermon series on Grace and it has amazingly reinforced the feelings that I have about how we can live each day - on mission. In the most recent sermon, Pastor Michael Todd talked about how we can demonstrate God's grace through love and forgiveness. He referenced the s
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